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Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the area?
I am from Long Valley, I have lived in Chester now for 6 years. Prior to that I lived in Morristown, Somerset, and Union.

Child(ren) and Age(s)? I have two boys!
Jaxon (4) and Lucas (2) they are 23 months apart and Lucas was born April 2020, during the main part of Covid!

Are you involved in a business venture or corporate world? Please Share!
I am a full-time Realtor, I have a team with my business partner Jason Krochalis. We started ROI Group with Kienlen Lattmann Sotheby’s in 2021, as a full service team, specializing in both real estate and construction.

When did you decide you wanted to become a realtor and open your own brokerage?
I had an interest in real estate when I was 18 years old, and almost got my license then. I decided to go to college for Interior design, and worked as an interior designer for an architecture firm until 2010. In 2013 I purchased my first home, and completed my real estate license course two weeks after. Real estate was a way for me to combine my love for people, design, and marketing.

Prior to being with Sotheby’s I owned my own real estate brokerage in Morristown, West End Residential. I started West End with a business partner after only being in real estate for 2 years, in 2015. My company was my baby before my babies.

I come from a family of business owners. I guess you can say it was in my blood! I am a self driven person, who enjoys to endless capabilities there can be when you grow a company. WE grew to about 30 agents, located in a prime location on Washington st in Morristown. I designed the logo and branding, as well as helped create brand awareness in our local community. I wanted to own a brokerage because I have a passion for real estate, and I wanted to create a new environment for agents to learn and grow. I felt I could help other agents build their business as I continued to build by own. Helping others fills up my cup.

Being an owner and finding the balance was a challenge after welcoming my first son in 2018, and I wanted more time to be a mom. The challenges of becoming a mom, having your focus and priorities change is hard. It was a difficult time for me as I become confused and for once couldn’t “do it all”. I sold my share to my partner December 31st, 2019.

Fast forward to 2020. My life began to quickly change along with the world around us. After selling my company, while being 20 weeks pregnant with my second son. My now ex-husband and I continued to have problems, as well as having to come to a realization of his affair. Defeated, trying to pick up the pieces, with the world on lock down. My second baby boy Lucas came into this world 3 weeks early. He was in the NICU for 15 days, the hardest few weeks of my life. *shout out to NICU moms* no one can ever prepare you to go home with your baby still in the hospital.

With emotions high, I faced many more challenges from there. Suffering from PPD, COVID lockdowns, social distancing, and a marriage that was falling apart. I was drowning, and no one knew, not even family or friends. I kept it in, put on a happy face and pretended everything was okay. But I was not okay.

December 2020, I suffered a panic attack from the emotions weighing down on me. My PPD had continued to worsen with thoughts I am still ashamed of, and my body finally started crying out for help. I called my OB and they immediately brought me in. Medication and therapy started lifting the suffocation. Until my now ex-husband left in January 2021.

Officially separated, with an 8 month old and a 2.5 year old, I thought “How? Why? What happened? How is this my life?” My whole world came crashing down, but I kept going. I fought and got up everyday for my boys. I started talking, asking for help, being vulnerable, and embracing where life had taken me.

Now, as I write this 18months later. I am the best version of myself I have been and can’t wait to see what my future holds. I love myself and I am proud of myself. I show up for me. It’s not easy, and many say I make it look easy. But it’s anything far from easy. Its putting in the work and knowing this is just the beginning of a beautiful life. Im riding this rollercoaster, and embracing the amazing life I have. Despite it not looking the way I thought it would be.

Living in the moment. Savoring the small moments. Because today is here, and tomorrow is unknown. COVID is a prime example of the lack of control we have over the unexpected changes to come!

Has real estate and the community always been a part of your life?
I am so excited to continue to grow my business in this local community, and watch my children grow up in an area so close to my heart.

If you could give one tip to fellow Mom Entrepreneurs what would it be?
Moms are resilient. Being a mom is the most rewarding and most challenging role anyone can have. To all the moms that are thinking of starting a business, believe in yourself, ask for help, communicate what you need, and give yourself some grace. Let go of the fear and follow your passion. My piece of advice is never feel guilty for doing something for yourself, we are more than just moms. It’s easy to lose yourself, and working towards a passion of yours, allows you to be the best version of yourself for your family.

Ok 10 Fun LOCAL favorites – ready, go!
1 – Favorite thing to do with your kids? We love going to all the local farms, my boys love feeding the animals.
2 – Favorite coffee spot? Starbucks
3 – Favorite lunch place? Mendham Bagel
4 – Favorite farm to go fruit picking? Alstede & Orts
5 – Favorite date night restaurant? Fresco
6 – Favorite boutique? Chester Country Furnishings
7 – Favorite spot to grab a drink? The Black Horse
8 – Who has the best bagels in town? Mendham Bagel
9 – Best slice of pizza in town? New York Pizza
10 – Favorite spot for ice cream? Taylors



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