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As moms, we’re always looking for ways to have fun outside as a family, and for products that are truly safe and non-toxic. All Terrain is our latest find that fits both bills, and we’re thrilled to partner with this effective, environmentally friendly and yes, safe, line of insect repellents, itch relief soap, cream & spray, bandages and poison ivy products!

“The efficacy in combination with a focus on natural-ingredients separates us from other natural brands. We do a lot of independent testing to prove our products’ effectiveness and safety. We don’t have a cute name, animal or logo because we want the products and positive customer experience to speak for themselves,” shares All Terrain President David Kulow, a dad of two children, now 20 and 18 years old. Based in Newport, New Hampshire, you can buy All Terrain on Amazon, Thrive Market, Grove and

We chatted with David about these safe and effective products, All Terrain’s commitment to getting families outdoors, must-have products for summer camp bags, and more!

Ready to try All Terrain? Go to and use codes 25LMN2022 to get 25% off and FREESHIPPING2022 for free shipping! You can also purchase All Terrain on Amazon and Thrive Market.

What motivates you and guides All Terrain’s product line?
All Terrain is concerned about children’s health. Childhood obesity, diabetes, depression and ADHD are rising rapidly. Numerous studies have shown that getting kids active and outdoors helps with these issues, so All Terrain’s mission is to help get and keep kids active. I served on the Board of Directors of the Outdoor Foundation ( for six years. During that time, the Foundation helped approximately 300,000 more kids get outdoors.

Locally, we support getting kids active by sponsoring and donating product to local events, races, etc. Also, Newport NH, where we’re located, has started an initiative to improve overall outdoor recreation access and promote outdoor activity for all children, residents and visitors and I serve on this initiative’s steering committee.

More broadly, we support school programs and events focused on getting kids active.

If you are involved in local non-profit, kids-oriented programs/events, please contact [email protected] with information and requests.  Please make sure to mention Local Moms Network.

So great! How did your own family inspire you?
Family time is fleeting and precious. It’s a cliché, but indeed our children grow up fast.

When you are outside together as a family, you tend to stay in the moment, focused on each other. It doesn’t matter if you hang out in your yard, walk in your neighborhood, play in a local park or are fortunate to travel to beautiful outdoor places, that time together helps bind and bond the family. While enjoying time together outside, you don’t want to worry about insects, poison ivy or other issues distracting you or causing a bad experience.

Why is your product line more important now than it has ever been?
Parents are more focused on protecting their kids, not just from COVID, but also from broader hazards, whether nature-based or man-made. Nature-based examples are disease-carrying insects, poison ivy, sunburn, etc.  Man-made being chemical-based ingredients that can get into the body through food we eat or products we put on our skin (which is the largest organ).  All Terrain gives parents confidence and peace-of-mind that their family is safely and effectively protected whether in their backyard, nearby backwoods or in the backcountry.

In this COVID period, the outdoors has become a refuge to improve physical and mental health, connect with family and recover from “screen fatigue”. 53% of Americans ages 6 and over participated in outdoor recreation in 2020, the highest on record according to the 2021 Outdoor Participation Trends Report published by the Outdoor Foundation.  This increased outdoor time has proportionally increased the desire to protect ourselves from other hazards.

What are some of your favorite products and why? And newer ones you’re excited about?
I’m proud of how all our products help protect people at good value, but a few products do stick out.

The Herbal Armor® insect repellents are uniquely effective, using natural oils as active ingredients. The repellents were the company’s first products and remain the best-selling. Their reputation for efficacy led to Herbal Armor® sales increasing 48% last year.

Second are the Ditch The Itch® and Kids Eczema Soaps, Cream and Spray. Children’s eczema doubled over a recent 10-year period according to the Center For Disease Control, so now about 1 in 7 kids have eczema.  It’s hard enough being a kid today, and it breaks my heart to see the struggles that kids with eczema can have. The Kids Eczema Soaps, Cream and Spray are a regimen to help cleanse, calm, soothe and protect skin affected by eczema.

Next are our Antibiotic Gel and Kids Advanced Bandages, which together are excellent to help protect and heal cuts/scrapes. Most topical antibiotics use some petroleum-based ingredients. It took us about six years, but we developed a proprietary pomegranate sterol and vegetable oil blend to use instead of petroleum-based ingredients. Introduced last year, All Terrain’s Kids Advanced Bandages are 8 times more flexible to move with active kids, thereby staying in place to protect longer.  Overall kids bandage sales increased 43% last year.

Why are natural ingredients so important?
There is increased awareness and concern about chemicals used in foods and skin care products. The skin is the largest organ and is permeable, so products/ingredients can penetrate the dermal layer and get into the blood stream. A classic example is that if you rub garlic on the bottoms of your feet, you will shortly smell it in your breathe. That is why we use as many natural ingredients as practical, while focusing on the primary effectiveness objective. Also, there is a greater recognition of the need for sustainability. Natural-based ingredients can help with sustainability.

What’s next for you and All Terrain?
Our primary focus has been on making our products effective, so consumers are satisfied in their performance and value. That effectiveness-focus helps the products get the great reviews and the loyal customer base.

Next is reaching more people, educating them about who we are, what we care about and how we can help. We’re at the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we want to contribute. For example, naturally oriented insect repellents are only about 2% of the market, even though about 3/4 of repellent buyers worry about chemical ingredients in repellents and about half of buyers would prefer to use more natural alternatives.

Also, because of our growth, we are moving into a new facility. We’re excited about how this move will help us provide even better customer service and start some planned sustainability initiatives.


Where can people find your products?
The broadest assortment can be found on our website,, or on Amazon.  If you want to order from All Terrain directly, you will get 25% off plus free shipping by using the coupon codes 25LMN2022 and FREESHIPPING2022

Beyond our site and Amazon, product availability depends on the retailer. For example, Whole Foods carries select Herbal Armor® insect repellent, bandages, Antibiotic Gel and Ditch The Itch® products. Thrive Marketcarries those items and the Kids Eczema products. Target carries select Herbal Armor® Insect Repellents and the Bite&Sting Soother Spray. Other retailers carry various items.


Anything else you’d like to share?
We appreciate our customers’ support and love feedback. Also, if there are local kids’ organizations/events that your followers are involved in and are interested in All Terrain potentially supporting, please email us at [email protected].

To order, go to and use codes 25LMN2022 to get 25% off and FREESHIPPING2022 for free shipping! You can also purchase All Terrain on Amazon and Thrive Market.



This story is sponsored by All Terrain.

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