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Have you heard of a boredom buster jar? We love them and they can be so helpful on rainy summer days or those days when you simply need to catch up and need some go-to activities for the kiddos! Below, find some great ideas to add to your jars! Hint: let the kids decorate their own jar and add fun ideas for things to do! Happy DIY-ing.



Boredom Buster Jar Ideas

  1. Plan dinner, write a menu, help cook and serve
  2. Make a family tree
  3. Learn how to use the washing machine
  4. Write to a penpal
  5. Tie-die some t-shirts
  6. Find shapes, animals and objects in clouds
  7. Wash the car
  8. Make a paper plate crown
  9. Read some books
  10. Sweep the floor
  11. Play balloon hockey
  12. Go for a walk
  13. Play a board game
  14. Make’/fly a kite
  15. Do a fun science experiment (ideas here)
  16. Draw a picture of the house from the outside
  17. Make a bird feeder
  18. Draw a comic
  19. Make a stop motion animation video
  20. Vacuum the stairs
  21. Water the plants
  22. Make homemade bubbles
  23. Get the paint out
  24. Make and play with felt boards
  25. Go out on your Bike
  26. Make paper airplanes
  27. Write and draw your own book
  28. Have a tea party with your friends
  29. Bury a treasure outside and draw a map to find it
  30. Take a bubble bath
  31. Paint rocks
  32. Do a puzzle
  33. Write 5 things you love about each member of your family
  34. Make color changing squirt chalk




Images via Hello, Wonderful and Lolly Jane

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