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Meet Michelle Makela-Belo, Owner of Cr3ation Fitness and Personal Trainer who specializes in strength and conditioning training for prenatal and postpartum Mamas!




When did you start helping moms reach their fitness goals?

I originally started helping women with hormone imbalances work toward their fitness goals when I first became a personal trainer, but when I found out I was expecting a tiny human of my own, it didn’t take me long to realize there wasn’t much information about having a healthy pregnancy and realistic recovering for moms. This is when I started helping moms like myself just over three years ago. Thankfully over the past three years, more information has become available to help moms thrive in pregnancy, the postpartum period, and motherhood, and it has been a wonderful journey walking alongside such strong and determined moms.




Do you concentrate on just pre/postnatal fitness, or do you offer other services too?

I offer a wide range of services for women and moms, and as of last May, athletes as well. I focus on the whole person and each phase of our lives brings with it a unique set of challenges and parameters that we must adjust to with both our bodies and time.

Through Cr3ation Fitness I offer the following services online:
Pregnancy and Postpartum up to a year: Pregnancy & Beyond
Motherhood (toddler years, preschool, and all the way through schooling): More than Mom
Women living with hormone imbalances (PCOS, Diabetes, etc.)

I have partnered with Mama Bird Center in Chester, NJ to offer a few classes and semi-private sessions in-person for those who are local, but the online services really allow for freedom to workout wherever is most comfortable and whenever is most convenient. I have a few clients who come to a weekly class and then receive the rest of their workouts online.

I am also a nationally certified strength and conditioning coach and college volleyball coach, and offer strength and conditioning services through my second business, Train Resilient, as well.




Where are your services available?

In-home training. I currently have 2 more available hourly sessions to travel to your home or apartment gym locally. I use whatever equipment you may have available and I also bring any additional equipment that may be necessary. This works great if you are limited with time, don’t like the gym (or don’t want to pay for an expensive gym membership), or just feel more comfortable in your own home.

Online. As I mentioned before, most of my services are online, because it gives you the advantage of having a trainer at your fingertips, but the flexibility to do your workout when it works best for you and where you feel most comfortable. I have clients who workout in their homes, outside, and even use the app at their gym.

Currently you can catch the following classes and semi-private training at Mama Bird Center in Chester:
Baby and Me Fitness
Fit and Fun with Your Toddler
Semi-Private Training by appointment

You can also send your older kids (12+) to train with me for strength and conditioning at Riverside Health and Fitness in Mansfield, NJ.




How does the app work?

The app I use is designed to show you what you’re supposed to do on any given workout day. It gives you the amount of time or repetitions to do for each exercise, as well as a short video clip on how to properly complete the exercise if you didn’t know how to do it. In addition to this, every time you log your workout, it shows on my dashboard and allows me to keep you accountable to your individual program and schedule. The app also includes a place for you to update measurements, log your nutrition, and message me if you encounter any problems or simply wanted to give feedback.





Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you get started?

I first started out training one client in-person (many, many years ago), and when we moved here to New Jersey, she not only wanted to keep training with me but also willingly helped me navigate the transition to online training. It is because of her patience and dear friendship that I now have a platform and system set-up to provide quality training at an affordable price.

I am also thankful for my husband and family who have stood by me and pushed me to pursue my dreams of helping women and moms find an exercise routine that truly works for them. It is because of their support that I have been able to branch out and start a business that is whole-heartedly set on helping women pursue a positive experience with exercise and fitness.




How has the community been instrumental in helping you get where you are now?

We moved here to the area 2.5 years ago, and over the course of that time, I have had the fortune of meeting such wonderful moms and women in business. This area is truly set on helping small business owners grow and connect with others. I cannot say enough how amazing it has been living life with such talented and passionate women and moms from our area.

A local networking group, WEBS, has helped me branch out and meet with other women who are pursuing their passions. Their feedback has been instrumental in how I run my business and seek to help the women and moms I serve. Mama Bird Center has been such a fun and exciting addition to our community, and it has been such a joy getting to know local moms and create such wonderful friendships.




One thing people would be surprised to know about you…

I played volleyball in college and actually trained to play overseas (I went to the national team tryouts as well). I actually came back from my tryouts overseas to find out I was pregnant and expecting our first child! To that end, pregnancy and postpartum fitness and strength and conditioning were two areas that overlapped for me. They are two different specialities, but both that serve a purpose with my two passions.

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with my second, and I am still training to play overseas. My passion for my sport, is the reason why I am so persistent in helping other women and moms find something that they are passionate about when it comes to fitness. There isn’t one set way or path to reach a health goal, and that’s the beauty about each of us being so unique and having different interests.

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