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Getting outdoors and enjoying your backyard after this long, gray, and soggy winter is something we all look forward to. Having family & friends over for BBQs and enjoying those decks and patios in the evening while watching the kids play in the yard is priceless. But then, you hear that buzzing. Or you feel that bite. Perhaps the dog comes by for a pet and you feel that dreaded bump and know – without even looking – it’s a tick.

We spoke with Anne Reed, Owner of Backyard Bug Busters, about how to keep your family safe during the height of tick season. As a family owned and operated pest control business with a grass-roots history, she gets it!

How did the idea of Backyard Bug Busters come about?
Back in 2004, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. In 2005, both my daughter and my dog were diagnosed with Lyme disease. Almost immediately, I became a mom on a mission! I was going to find something to take back my backyard. Luckily, my husband was in the lawn care supply industry, so I had access to all sorts of products and industry experts. Slowly, we tried and tested products and protocols on our property and developed a program that worked.

Keep in mind, this is back in 2007 (17 years ago, if you can believe that!), and there was no one offering tick & mosquito control. So, not too long after we started spraying our own yard, our neighbors noticed they could sit on our patio and not be “eaten alive.” They wanted to know what we were doing. So, we explained and soon after started spraying them. And then, their neighbors and friends noticed and started calling us to help. And then friends of friends…you get the picture!

What kind of pest control services do you offer?
We offer both 100% Organic Tick & Mosquito Spray as well as Synthetic Tick & Mosquito Spray. Our sprays are remarkably effective. We are the company that people turn to when other companies cannot gain control over their yards.

Why? What makes you different?
Well, the #1 answer: we care! We treat your yard like our own. We’re small enough to spend the extra time and/or product on your yard if needed. We don’t “splash & dash” to get to the next property to make the day’s quota. We simply don’t work like that! Our technicians – Bob & Chris – are educated, knowledgeable, and want you to get the best results. We don’t have numerous technicians with no continuity from visit to visit. You will get to know your tech and your tech will get to know you and your property. You can chat with them if you have any questions or concerns. Simply put, they are the best!

We also have a variety of products in our arsenal for different problems in your yard. Not every yard is the same and we come prepared! Maybe your yard is shady. Maybe your yard is wet. Are you near a standing body of water? Is your neighbor not maintaining their yard? All these things – plus many, many others – are factors in a successful program. We will tailor each program to meet your needs, and if needed, we’re always just a phone call away – with a real person (usually me) if you need us.

So, when you’re ready to Take Back Your Backyard reach out to learn more and/or a Quick Quote! And be sure to check out our google reviews – we’re pretty proud of them!

This article was done in partnership with Backyard Bug Busters, give them a chance to earn your business. Call or text for a quick quote – 973-362-0222 or check them out on social media below:

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