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Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Morris County/ Somerset Hills area?
I’m born and bred in NJ. From birth through elementary school, I lived in Newark. We then moved to Roselle Park, where I graduated from high school. I decided to experience the rest of my education in big cities outside of NJ, completing my undergrad at Northeastern in Boston, and my MBA at NYU Stern. About 5½ years ago, I moved from Fanwood to Basking Ridge with my family, and we absolutely love it here!

Child(ren) and Age(s)?
We have 2 teen boys, ages 15 and almost 17 (driver’s license here we come!). And we have 2 fur babies, a black Lab and a very fluffy Lab/Border Collie rescue.

Are you involved in a business venture or corporate world? Please Share!
I am an entrepreneur! I own and run a fitness business, CoreForm360, here in Basking Ridge, NJ. I focus on training adolescent athletes to help improve their performance in their sport, while minimizing the risk of injury. I also train adults who miss their athletic past or are seeking functional strength and stability. My philosophy is based on evidence that exercise, sleep, nutrition, and mental health are heavily interlinked. So, I build customized programs that consider these factors for each unique client. Prior to this, I spent many years of my career in the corporate world, working in Health Care. I feel really lucky having experienced this career diversity, as it has given my boys the opportunity to encounter (vicariously through me) the delights and challenges that come along with corporate life vs. entrepreneurship.

When did you decide you wanted to open your own Personal Training Studio?
I’ve been involved in fitness my whole life. I was an adolescent athlete myself, with the joys, pains, and injuries that come along with it. And after athletic retirement, I remained an exercise and health enthusiast through adulthood. I decided to open my business when the stars aligned financially, personally, and when I was brave enough to finally follow my passion.

Did you always know you wanted to concentrate on training young athletes?
My area of focus was born from 2 main experiences: 1) my own athletic challenges, as well as those of my son and his teammates, watching the injuries happen, and listening to the misinformation shared in the bleachers; 2) observing a prevalence in improper exercise mechanics (kids and adults alike) in the gyms I belonged to. I had the experience, science, and skills to address these observations. I now help bring practical advice and the right kind of strength and stability training to optimize results and minimize injury.

If you could give one tip to fellow Mom Entrepreneurs what would it be?
Patience and resilience are your friends. Don’t let the challenges and failures discourage you. Use them as learning opportunities to make the next idea even better. This is easier said than done, but you can do it… and when you do, you will keep getting a little bit stronger and a little bit smarter every time.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…
I’m a bit of a science geek. My undergrad degree is in Biology and my love for science has continued ever since. This enthusiasm is what influences the philosophy behind my training methods.

Ok 10 Fun LOCAL favorites – ready, go!
1 – Favorite thing to do with your kids? Train them in my CoreForm360 studio
2 – Favorite coffee spot? Pricilla’s Pantry
3 – Favorite lunch place? Blue Cafe
4 – Favorite farm to go fruit picking? Wightman Farms
5 – Favorite date night restaurant? This one is so hard, so I’ll cheat and give more than one: Washington House, Bistro 73, 3West, Sette
6 – Favorite boutique? The Pretty Pink Rooster
7 – Favorite spot to grab a drink? Claremont Tavern
8 – Who has the best bagels in town? O’Bagel
9 – Best slice of pizza in town? Buona Pizza
10 – Favorite spot for a cookie or cupcake? Priscilla’s Pantry again!! I prefer scones and croissants


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