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The Cottage School was born in 2002 as a unique learning community to offer organic education.


Playgroup, Preschool, Young Kindergarten, K – 8th grade
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Laura Soulages, founding director, explains:

“Our organic education embraces the natural desire to learn that comes from within the child when the child is intrinsically motivated. When children learn organically, they keep the desire to learn throughout their lives.

Our approach is based on cooperation, instead of competition. We expect the best from each child, without the need to compare. We provide a nurturing environment that builds confidence and a sense of community. Collaboration skills are developed through projects and through the daily interaction with teachers and peers.

The small scale and the use of Positive Discipline at our school have a positive impact in the learning process. Teachers rotate assignments and interact with all students using Positive Discipline. Our teachers share a passion for teaching and deeply care about our students. Loving relationships with responsive, dependable adults are essential to a child’s healthy development.”

The Cottage School believes that children are natural learners. Our students develop a love of learning, free of pressure and sustained by a spirit of discovery at a pace that accompanies them. We consider individual needs, desires, passions, and ways of learning.

Our pedagogy embraces learning through play and integrates academics and arts daily. We teach through immersion to learn organically, to learn from the whole. We honor creativity in all subjects of learning, building confidence in students by allowing mistakes as a valid way to learn. We provide daily free play time that develops imagination and social skills. We support all areas of the child’s development: physical, social-affective and cognitive.


Our Mission


The Cottage School is a multicultural, non-sectarian and non-selective learning community that values and fosters the children’s spirit of discovery to sustain their innate abilities and passion for learning. We create a non-competitive environment where creativity and the joy for learning are nurtured.

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