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As the weather keeps improving, and comfort levels are still at different stages, families are looking for new and fun ways to entertain at home. We spoke with the experts at Hobbs, Inc, a family-owned business for three generations, about how to update your outdoor space to feel more inviting for family and friends.


1 – PATIO: Patios can be designed from so many different materials from pavers to brick to stone and beyond to match your entertaining style. Creating an area that is grass free, for family and friends to gather, grill and hang is the perfect first step to transforming your backyard. There will always be a reason to get together, and having a dedicated space for gathering is always a good idea and will add value to your property!


2 – FIRE PIT: The addition of a fire pit to your patio or deck, just builds on the fun and adds an extra layer of activity to your outdoor living space. Fire pits can be gas or wood burning, and the sizes and shapes are endless. It becomes another area to gather around, roast marshmallows and toast to good friends throughout the year.


3 – POOL: The perfect compliment to a backyard! Pools are great for kids of any ages (and the really big kids too!) Depending on the size of your outdoor space, pools can be tailored to fit your needs and activities. Don’t think you need a huge yard to create an outdoor oasis – plunge pools are just as fun as the big ones! If your kids are a little older, a water slide


4 – OUTDOOR KITCHEN: The ultimate in luxury entertainment, an outdoor kitchen brings everything outdoors – so you won’t miss time with your guests. “Why not just use the grill you have? you may ask. Well, you’ll never regret having the extra prep space, fridge or even a cooktop all within your entertainment space. Then your prep space doubles as a buffet for the perfect family gathering!


5 – OUTDOOR STRUCTURE: An exterior, detached structure in your yard can act as an additional entertainment space, where you can have guests over, but they won’t mess up your main house! If you have a pool, this could be a pool house with a separate bathroom so the wet bathing suits stay out of your house also. It’s definitely a win-win!


6 – PLAY SPACE: Building an area that is the designated “play area” helps keep your yard looking elegant and the toys in check. You don’t have to have a playground in your yard, but by adding a special area for kids to go to climb, dig and run around makes them feel special and teaches them that toys stay in their special area, so clean up is even easier!


7 – COVERED PORCH: Maybe a patio isn’t your thing? No problem, add a deck or covered porch to the back of your house for added entertainment when the weather isn’t the best. You could have a comfy couch and TV out there too, making dinners al fresco the new norm for those easy summer nights!




This post was done in partnership with Hobbs, Inc. They can work with you to customize an outdoor space that fits your family’s needs. For more great ideas on how to update your outdoor living space, contact Hobbs, Inc today and learn about what options your space has. The possibilities are endless!

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