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Putting together the perfect party for your little ones seems to be a daunting task these days. From location scouting, theme picking, catering and decor, your “to do” list is never-ending. We spoke with Celeste Kaitsa, owner of CK Loves Events on why hiring a children’s event planner is a total game changer.


Why did you start your own children’s event planning company?
I love doing children’s events and I love kids! When I taught preschool, it was always so much fun to take a theme (no matter what it was) and create an art project for it. I love to creating ideas people have and making them come alive. Creating something for a child’s celebration, and then seeing their faces when it comes to life, just makes my heart happy.


How does your background as a preschool teacher help with being a children’s event planner?
I’m a preschool teacher turned party planner, which in a lot of ways is a similar job. Turning my love of themed art from the classroom into a party theme just gets me so excited as it’s like a classroom on a larger scale. I love helping people and guiding them to turn their ides into reality. My creative side gets to come out and I’m hands on throughout the planning process. Some people create a business because they love the business side of things. I love doing children’s events because I love kids and the hustle and bustle that comes with planning events, It is fun for me and you see that in my services.


Why should you hire a children’s event planner?
When you plan an event, you want it to not only look beautiful and feel effortless, but you want to be able to enjoy it. And events should be enjoyable – that’s where I come in! Hiring an event planner takes the pressure off of you, the person having the event, and allows you to mingle with your guests and feel like you’re attending instead of running around making sure everything runs smoothly.


What is one of your favorite things you created for an event?
I was recently asked by a friend of mine to create a mine craft kit for her son’s birthday. I was thinking how can I do this and come up with something spectacular. Well, I did. I created a Minecraft rubik’s cube party craft and the kids loved it!


How does CK Loves Events stand out from other event planning companies?
If you hire me, you are getting someone who loves children and loves planning events. With my experience as a preschool teacher, Girl Scouts leader, and a nanny, you have someone who knows what children love and how to make that come alive. For me, it’s all about the love that the children have at their party. A celebration should be fun and exciting and kid friendly, but also meeting the parents expectations. You need to always think about your audience with an event you do, especially when it comes to children!



This article was sponsored by CK Loves Events.

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